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Stage Store
Scaled Magento to handle more than 4,000 transactions in an hour
White + Warren
Year-over-year, increased SEO revenue by 42%
Online Retail Industry Award (ORIA) Winner
Swim Suits Direct
Year-over-year, increased overall website revenue by 63%
C.O. Bigelow Apothecary
Achieved a historical e-mail conversion rate over 10% on desktop
For 3 years of SEO management, 2012-2014, increased monthly SEO sessions by 75%
YoY, increased overall revenue by 102%
Sports Zone
July-December 2014 compared to Jan-June 2014, increased revenue by 40%
Susan White
CEO of White + Warren
“Our relationship has continued to grow over time in pace with our revenues.”
Sam Acala
Director of eCommerce
at Stage Stores
“Black Friday was spectacular, estimated 150,000 visitors and over 4,000 transactions”

Some e-commerce agencies are all about creativity; others stress technology. We focus on your business and its multichannel profitability putting our own creative and technical talent at the service of your online success.

Fashion, Beauty Food influencer’s ta

Throughout the past decade blogging, vlogging and the use of social media have drastically changed the rules of the game. These power players constantly inspire us, providing the highest quality content and innovative social media campaigns. Take Heed! Elyse Inamine Food has always been a s

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Make It Personal

In addition to the more rational benefits of a personalized product, there are emotional ones as well. When customers are empowered with input,they form a connection to the product. Instead of the same coat or suitcaseas everyone else, they now have something that’s unique to them. This

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The post Trending Now in ECommerce Infographic appeared first on Ecommerce Partners Blog .

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Satisfied Customers The Paradox of Cho

How many options do you offer your customers? If there are too many options, the multitude of choices can barrier to entry. However, as long as the available choices are curated and the shopping process is intuitive, customers can easily personalize to match their needs. To create the best user e

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About ECommerce Partners: Founded in 1998, ECommerce Partners is a full-service, ecommerce and interactive agency headquartered in New York City. Best known for our unique process methodology, we combine Internet expertise, creative talent, and business know-how to help clients across a variety of industries achieve rapid, measurable online marketing results.True to our motto, "We build businesses, not just websites," we provide large and mid-sized companies with a full range of Internet marketing, website design and ecommerce solutions geared to maximize online revenues.

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By Clinton Stark -

Android 7.0 is just around the corner. What should we expect from Google’s next major release, code-named Nougat, when it drops in the next few weeks?

For one, don’t expect earth-shattering updates. Android, like iOS, is a mature mobile operating system and platform with broad support, including massive development community. It’s definitely not 2009. Back then — Droid Does! — mobile and the smartphonetantalized us. Indeed, abrand new world. We were happily decommissioning our BlackBerrys and jumping into the new, exciting world of Android.

But now, the word of the day is: refinement .

Google and Apple have both found their respective mobile metaphors. So it’s really about making what works, work just that much better. Baby steps, year on year.

Google likes widgets (making the homescreen infinitely useful, informative), openness (so even most system programs and features are “apps”), and a do-it-all notification bar. It works, even if its more complex and demands a bit more effort from new users.

Apple, on the other hand, likes an integrated experience (phone, tablet, and laptop), simplicity of design (meaning less customization… though restrictions, like the ability to installcustom third partykeyboards, have been easing in recent years), and ease of use. You just pick up an iPhone and it works. Not the most hacker friendly thing in the world, but then again this is the company that famously locked its original Mac (and iMac too!) computer from our tweaking hands.

Respective slogans for these two differing philosophies might read something like this…

Google: It’s your house. Go ahead and add wallpaper if you want.

Apple: It’s our house. There’s V8in the fridge. If you don’t like V8… well, there’s more V8in the fridge.

Hands-On with Android 7.0 “Nougat”

I’ll leave it to others to assess the name. “Nougat”? I’ll just say that perhapswe’ve had our fill of dessert-themed codenames.

I do like, however, how Google has implemented its beta channel. Want to test an upcoming release of Android? No more flashing, and multi-step procedures. Now, you simply sign-up with Google for the beta program, select which of your registered devices you want to test with the beta Android release, and soon thereafter (almost instantly in my experience) a system update notification appears. From there you install it like any other release. Great stuff. Even better: when the final shipping version of Nougat arrives, it will appear just like any other update. And it just keeps getting better: using this process does not wipe your data. You can test away, and not have to reset and reload your phone and apps each time.

I installed Nougat on my Nexus 6 (still a great phone, battery life be damned).

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What’s the place of fun in education? When students learn something new, they reach a learning edge, a threshold, where learning becomes uncomfortable because the material is difficult or beyond their understanding. To avoid this discomfort, some students can simply fall back on what they already know. This is a critical point, because if they do not move beyond the edge, they are stuck with both limited knowledge and a negative feeling about learning. Fun can be used as a motivating technique to help students get past this learning edge, and to meet an established goal or learning objective. is organized into two parts—Part I examines the theories behind motivation and fun in the classroom, and offers three instructional techniques that highlight their benefits. Part II is the application of the theories explored in Part I, and its six chapters each address one of the threshold concepts provided in ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. Each chapter contains three lesson plans addressing the threshold concept, one for each of the three fun instructional techniques. Assessment opportunities are provided throughout, with formative assessment strategies as well as summative assessments, including sample rubrics to apply to a range of student work. Each lesson plan ends with a section on possible modifications and accommodations and additional ideas on how to adapt the lesson for different student populations.The threshold concepts within the Framework need to be facilitated with deliberation by librarians integrating them into their instruction sessions. Students must be motivated to learn these concepts that help them master skills across disciplines. can help you explore, implement, and assess this powerful means of motivation.

Chapter 1: Motivation of StudentsChapter 2. Fun as a Means of MotivationChapter 3. HumorChapter 4. GamesChapter 5. Group Work

Export the results and make sure to associate one URL with each page shown.

Title tags are without a doubt the most important on-site element of your website. You need to make sure none of your title tags are missing or duplicated.

To check on this issue, go to the Page Titles tab, select the “Missing” option, and export the results.

With all these pages, you want to add the respective title tags.

Repeat the previous process but click the “Duplicate” option.

Export the results, and with the pages that have duplicate title tags, make them unique.

It’s also worth noting that Google currently displays up to roughly 65 characters. If you want to keep things looking clean in the SERPs, limit yourself to 65 characters.

Be sure to include a keyword in the page title too. This is huge!

If your page is about yellow shorts, then your page title might be “The Best Yellow Shorts for Men – Chubbies”

This really helps Google, and your customers, understand what this page is about. If you include irrelevant terms in the page title, people may not be happy with what they find on your page.

And if you really want to take your title tags to the next level, you should check out some of these SEO copywriting tips .

Even though meta descriptions don’t have much SEO weight, they can help you increase your website’s click-through-rate.

The process to find both the missing and duplicate meta descriptions is the same as the one you followed with the title tags.

First, go to the Meta Description tab , and filter the results by “Missing” .

Repeat the process by selecting the “Duplicate” filter.

Add relevant meta descriptions to the pages that miss them, and create unique ones to those that have duplicate descriptions.

The current recommendation is to reach between 200 – 320 characters in length, and since Google highlights the search query in your description – be sure to include keywords.

Again make sure you take advantage of Giuseppe Zanotti Velvet BowAccented Flats Clearance Original Visit New Cheap Manchester Fast Delivery nDSN7Nf
to attract as many clicks as possible from the SERPS.

Images not only give context to your content, they also let Google understand the meaning of a page. Unfortunately, Google can’t read images (at least not fully, yet).

To overcome this issue, you need to add alt-tags to your images which help Google bots crawl your website better.

Here’s how you find the pages that have images without alt-tags:

First, head over to the Images tab . Then, filter the results by “ Missing Alt Text.

With all the pages that have missing alt-tags, you are going to go and add the keywords you want those pages to rank for.

I have found to get the best results, keeping things natural is a winner.

Since people that are visually impaired use screen readers to help them out, a natural description helps them understand images too.

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