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Plus Mordecai continues to shine in Wrigleyville

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Share A Critic Thinks One of Chicago’s Best Chinese Restaurants is in Greektown
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Mike Sula embraces the heat at new Hunanese spot Sizzling Pot King. The region’s cooking, “generally regarded as spicier and brighter than Sichuanese food,” includes a “marvelous” platter of “Chef’s Magic Tofu” and iconic Wuhang hot-dry noodles. The main attraction, though, is the dry hot pot, described as a “customizable stir-fry with endlessly variable options.” Diners can choose from several spice levels and flavors but Sula recommends the ma la option, “particularly if you enjoy the sensation [of spice] in moderate levels.” Ingredients range from catfish and cuttlefish to pork ribs and lobster balls, and they arrive fully prepared as “riots of textures and flavors.” Although the restaurant is located in Greektown and not Chinatown, Sula implores Chicagoans to seek it out and to “please pay your respects.” [Reader]

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Aside from a goat brat and cheeseburger, Jared Wentworth’s veg-forward menu is a refreshing change of pace for the neighborhood. A panzanella salad “transcend[s] its desk-lunch descriptor” and is something that Hennessy could eat every day, while arugula pappardelle is just as impressive, mingling with veggies atop a swipe of asparagus puree. Hanger steak is “one of the tenderest [she’s] had — cold-smoked and coaxed to just rare beneath a glistening, charred exterior.” The vintage spirits list includes a four-year-old Transcontinental Rum Line Jamaican pour that tastes like a “pitch-perfect tiki cocktail in straight booze form.” And for dessert, there’s a “softball-sized” donut coated in caramel popcorn that bursts with “silky” Bavarian cream. [Time Out]

Mordecai “embodies Wrigleyville’s slick new direction”

The alarm reaction occurs when a stressor is first detected and activates a brain structure called the Christian Louboutin Joli DOrsay Pumps Buy Cheap Get Authentic Best Sale For Sale LpZnYEdpi1
. The hypothalamus, in turn, stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and also produces a substance called corticotropin-releasing hormone that activates the pituitary to produce adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). Both ACTH and activation of the sympathetic nervous system stimulate the Soon Disco crystal sandals Discount Footlocker Sale Online Cheap With Credit Card Cheap Price Dby1WehTO
s. ACTH stimulates the adrenals to produce hydrocortisone, or cortisol , an anti-inflammatory substance, while the sympathetic nervous system stimulates the centre portion of the adrenals to produce epinephrine and norepinephrine (adrenaline and noradrenaline). All these hormone s are secreted into the bloodstream and have the effect of mobilizing the body to deal with the stressor. This initial mobilization is a whole-body response and leads to increases in heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration and other responses associated with high arousal. The person so aroused is, in effect, in a high state of readiness. The alarm reaction often succeeds in changing the situation so that the stressor is no longer present, as would be the case, for example, if one were to run away from a physical threat.

fight-or-flight response

In the second stage, the stage of resistance, localized responses within appropriate areas of the body replace the whole-body response of the alarm reaction, and blood levels of hydrocortisone, epinephrine, and norepinephrine return to just slightly above normal levels. During this stage the ability to fight off the stressor is high and may remain so for considerable periods of time.

If these localized responses to a stressor prove to be inadequate, eventually the third stage of stress, that of exhaustion, will be triggered, during which hormonal levels rise once more and the whole body becomes mobilized again. Selye proposed that if the stressor is not quickly defeated during this last stage, the individual can become withdrawn, maladjusted, and even die.

This three-part mechanism for coping with a stressor is called the general adaptation syndrome and appears to have evolved primarily to deal with systemic stressors. As noted earlier, however, this same set of processes is also triggered by psychological stressors and is often inappropriate to the situation. For example, the stress of an important upcoming test can trigger the alarm reaction, yet it is not apparent how increased levels of hydrocortisone, epinephrine, and norepinephrine would facilitate removing the stress-provoking test. It has been suggested that overstimulation of the stress response, in which psychological stressors produce physical changes in the body, can lead to psychosomatic illness. When the stress response, especially the alarm reaction, is triggered too often, it can lead to physical deterioration.

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Stripe is a payment processing service that allows you to securely collect and process payment information from your customers. To try out Stripe for yourself, go to WIDE FIT SOLO Heeled mules blush Sale Pay With Paypal zljuT0BoWe

There are alternatives to Stripe, like Square and Braintree, and their setup is very similar to Stripe.

Stripe requires a server to process the information to make a charge, so you’ll need more than just static pages. Gatsby builds the pages for your front-end, but it won’t be able to handle the server logic that Stripe requires to process payments. That means you’ll need to set up a simple function that your Gatsby project can POST to in order to handle a payment.

That function can be set up a number of different ways. To set up that function from scratch, you could:

Create a new Gatsby project by running the gatsby new command in the terminal and change directories into the new project you just started:

You can extend the functionality of this default starter with plugins. One such plugin is gatsby-plugin-stripe-checkout , which you’ll install in this project:

Open the root site directory in a text editor and navigate to gatsby-config.js and add the Stripe Checkout plugin to gatsby-config.js in the plugins section. Your gatsby-config.js should look like the following code example:

Run gatsby develop in the terminal, which starts a development server and reloads changes you make to your site so you can preview them in the browser. Open up your browser to buckle strap sliders Sale Hot Sale Outlet Free Shipping Discount Buy Sale Affordable Y0gPbkf
and you should see a default homepage.

NOTE : If you have already started your gatsby development server using gatsby develop , you will need to restart the server by pressing CTRL + C in the terminal where the command was run and running gatsby develop again to see changes in your gatsby-config.js reflected on localhost:8000

Stripe Checkout processes payments with information we send it, you can read more about how it works in Stripe’s docs. The Gatsby plugin, gatsby-plugin-stripe-checkout , will add this snippet:

to the end of the <body> tag across all of your pages in your Gatsby project, allowing you to call the Stripe checkout methods from Stripe’s API to create charges.

If you want to further customise the checkout process or pull Stripe data into your site, check out WAVE PARADOX 4 Stabilty running shoes patriot blue/white/hot coral Shop Offer For Sale WgImbIP

configure() sets up Stripe and automatically runs every time the page loads. Then you run open() when the buy button is clicked, which then triggers the Stripe payment overlay to open.

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