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If you targeted a more long-tail version of that keyword for specific products, like “wooden gymnastic rings” , “best gymnastic rings” or “metal gymnastic rings” you could probably double , or even triple the organic traffic together with your revenue.

That’s the power of SEO for ecommerce .

SEO is a machine that pushes qualified traffic into your store. Traffic that converts. Traffic that puts money in your pocket.

Your aim should always be to increase the authority of your store, so you can rank all your pages better. But knowing where to start is a huge help!

Focus on your category pages first, and this is why:

Customers love to have the freedom to choose and explore their purchase. They want to see multiple products at different prices, with some good options. This can also help increase your AOV (average order value) across your website.

To do ecommerce SEO right, you must learn all the basics of it. Here’s everything you need to know.

Nearly every new ecommerce SEO client makes the same mistake. They want to get straight into executing a link building strategy without taking care of the on site SEO foundations.

That’s like building a house without a blueprint .

You can do it, but it probably won’t work out. You need to make sure your store doesn’t have any on-site SEO problems before doing anything else.

Common problems include having a site that:

To make sure your store doesn’t have any of these problems, you want to run it through one of the best SEO audit tools: Screaming Frog .

You could also use the SEMRush or Ahrefs onsite audit tools as well if you don’t have Screaming Frog already.

Here’s how you do your ecommerce SEO audit step by step.


To start, go to the Screaming Frog website and download their software. Screaming Frog is a tool you can use to crawl your entire site as if you were a Googlebot.

The best part is, it’s free up to 500 URLs. If you need more, you will need to pay the yearly license for £149.

But trust me, this tool will pay for itself with how much of an advantage it gives you.

Let’s say one of your clients was Chubbies , the men’s shorts company. To start analyzing their site, I’d first take their main URL, and add it to Screaming Frog and hit the “Start” button.

Once the crawl is finished, export the results. To make the exported file simpler, I will first filter the results by HTML, so I can get only the pages and ignore the Javascript files and images, among other things-

What you see in front of you will be the dashboard to fixing all of our on site SEO problems.

Now is also a great time to save the project, just click on File > Save and we can move onto fixing the most common problems first.

I have never had an ecommerce SEO client that didn’t suffer from huge amounts of duplicate content. That is when 2 or more pages have the same or very similar content.

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E-commerce is transforming business and daily life, mostly for the better, says Charlotte Howard

Print edition | Special report

IN WAREHOUSES AROUND the globe, they wait: toys, phones, dresses, televisions, blankets, trainers, laptops and much more. In China, online retailers are gearing up for “Singles Day”, November 11th, the world’s busiest shopping day. Last year Alibaba, much the biggest of the country’s e-commerce giants, rang up sales of $18bn on that occasion, the most ever spent in one day anywhere on Earth. Much of the rest of the world is preparing for the Christmas rush. Present-hunters used to wear themselves out tramping around crowded shops. Now, increasingly, they order from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Over the past decade global e-commerce has been expanding at an average rate of 20% a year as bricks-and-mortar shops have languished. Yet its share of total retail trade last year, at 8.5% worldwide, was still modest. Even in South Korea, the country with the highest percentage of retail sales online, it amounted to only 18%, according to Euromonitor, a research firm. In America, the world’s biggest consumer market, it made up about 10% of the total. And in many middle-income countries its share was much lower: less than 5% in India and Brazil, for instance.

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But there is every reason to think it will get much bigger. In rich countries millennials who grew up buying goods online are moving into their prime spending years. In poorer ones, rising incomes and the spread of mobile phones will bring more shoppers online. In China, although growth in e-commerce has slowed, Goldman Sachs, a bank, still expects online spending to more than double between 2016 and 2020, to make up nearly one-third of total retail sales. In America, Euromonitor predicts that its share will rise from about one-tenth last year to about one-sixth in 2021. In Britain the figure may rise to one-fifth.

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March 8, 2018

Many children across the globe received one or more smart toys during the holiday season. These toys are popping up everywhere and are on many children’s must-have list. Parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts will have given in to the pressure and added a smart toy to a child’s much-loved collection. Also across the globe, an influx of potential vulnerability points is popping up that hackers are getting ready to exploit. They want to steal your data! This leaves us with some happy children and happy hackers but not so happy parents.

You do not need to look too deep to find a company or toy that has been responsible for a data breach of children’s personal information. Some notable ones: VTech has been fined substantially for its breach of children’s information, CloudPets, marketed as “a message you can hug,” and My Friend Cayla doll. The list is only expanding, especially as smart toys grow in popularity.

Genesis Toys

This is not a surprise, but what is quite surprising is how readily parents or guardians give these toys to their children with not much thought. Especially since most parents are overly protective to ensure that their children are safe in all other regards. Why is this any different? Many parents do not realize the impact a smart toy can have on their and their child’s privacy and how dangerous they can actually be. The teddy that responds, the robot that interacts, the duck that reads your child’s emotions — do parents stop to think how it is that they are able to accomplish these things and at what cost?

Blaming the vendor when a security breach occurs

Looking at some of the big recent breaches highlights the need for education around smart toys. Some of them are vulnerable to hacks, but some do not even need to be hacked to cause a problem — all that is required is an improperly configured database. And by all means, if you want your kids to enjoy them, just make sure that you and your child are educated with regards to what the toys can do.

To do what they do and respond as they do, these toys typically need data and they need to connect to the Internet. As your child is playing with them, the toys are using the data (and other data that they “see” around them within their location). They are recording, processing, and storing this data in the cloud. Do you know what this data is or what it is being used for?

What’s behind the soft, cuddly exterior?


In 2017, hundreds of smart toys were released. These toys have their place but in some cases, users are trading their privacy for the use or subscription to the toys ecosystems. Moreover, these toys are not always built safely. Many of these toys are built by hardware manufacturers that produce hardware to specified standards so that it’s simple to use them with software APIs.

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