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1915 I St NW, Washington, D.C.
Sushi Restaurant 路 Connecticut Avenue - K Street 路 66 tips and reviews

Sandra Rubinchik: Don't miss the salmon roll with pickled pineapple and basil. 馃崳馃崓馃尶

Youssof Mal: Fish is incredibly fresh, and the chef does an excellent job of matching flavors. Make sure to tell your chef when to stop if you choose the omekase.

Andrea Ferreyros: Toro, truffle tuna and seared belly salmon nigiri were fresh and delicious. The crunchy crab and the spicy scallop rolls were very good too.

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950 15th St NW (at K St NW), Washington, D.C.
Southern / Soul Food Restaurant 路 Connecticut Avenue - K Street 路 125 tips and reviews

Joseph Kristoffer: The deviled eggs and she crab soup are amazing. And if it's on the specials menu when you come, get the country fried pork.

Sean Casey: Shrimp and Grits is great. Bearded waiter was nice too; claims to be cousin of Most Interesting Man (take with grain of salt). Excellent experience with live Jazz

John Johannides: EVERYTHING was great! Every bite was exquisite. Main course came out faster than some fast food restaurants. I had the Louisiana Devil Shrimp which I highly recommend.

7. Bistrot Du Coin

1738 Connecticut Ave NW (at S St. NW), Washington, D.C.
Bistro 路 Dupont Circle 路 128 tips and reviews

Dee馃尨: Fun place for a weeknight dinner with friends. The mussels and country pate are fantastic here as well as the steak frite. Try them with a glass of the Beaujolais.

Danya Bush茅y: Mussels Normandie and Rabbit Stew are to die for. Make a reservation. Share plates to try more menu items.

Noah @Noah_Xifr Xifr: Best French restaurant in DC. Wonderful ambiance. Real French fries. Get the mussel pot w lobster bisque. Go ahead, you must try the Escargot.

8. Lauriol Plaza Restaurant

1835 18th St NW (at T St NW), Washington, D.C.
Mexican Restaurant 路 Dupont Circle 路 260 tips and reviews

Behrad Eats: Lamb Fajitas is the best option on the Specials menu, if they're out of that definitely go for the Mar y Tierra, bacon-wrapped filet mignon and shrimp!

Brian Burleson: The swirl margaritas are awesome! Love fish tacos/shrimp tacos, shrimp chimichanga is a favorite + crab shrimp enchiladas are crazy good! Large portions, trendy atmosphere and good service馃寛

Mike Wilkinson: The strawberry swirl margaritas are the best.

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Figure 3 . Effect of antibody response to heat killed in (=6 fishes/group) by ELISA. Each value represents the arithmetic mean卤SEM (*<0.05) of six fishes.

The number of antibody producing cells in response to SRBC was observed from 7 to 28days of feeding in all experimental diet groups ( Fig. 4 ). Among the experimental diet, a higher number of plaque forming cells showed in group C and it reached the maximum (61卤4.4) at 21days of post immunization. The least number of antibody producing cells was observed in control (11卤1.5) than group A (38.7卤2.33), group B (45卤3.4) and group C (47.3卤5.9) at 28days of feeding.

Figure 4 . Effect of the number of antibody producing cells against SRBC in (=6 fishes/group) by plaque forming cell assay. Each value represents the arithmetic mean卤SEM (*<0.05) of six fishes.

The spleen of C. catla is a reddish-brown, elongated, thick and flattened structure, lying along the intestine and near the pancreas, trunk-kidney. The spaces within the connective tissue framework are filled with splenic pulp, the distinction of which into red pulp and white pulp is difficult in histological preparations. The pulp in general consists of large venous sinuses and their branches, representing the red pulp (RP), white pulp (WP), nodule-like ellipsoids of lymphoid tissue and dark-staining melanomacrophage centres (MMC) ( Tods Leather Multistrap Sandals Sale Online Shopping View With Paypal For Sale Free Shipping 2018 Comfortable Sale Online rdaVS
). Heat killed A. hydrophila challenged fish spleen showed loosely packed red and white pulp (arrow) ( Manolo Blahnik DOrsay AnkleStrap Satin and Leather Pumps Discount Nicekicks KyZe3su8x
); macrophage aggregation can be viewed in Fig. 5b and collapsed MMC and progression of MMC are observed in Buy Cheap 100% Guaranteed Professional Sale Online Miu Miu LaceUp Suede MidCalf Boots BHPWMN
, which showed that the challenged fishes get immunized and develop their immunological parameters. Through this histological evidence it is proved that C. catla increased their immune response depending on the C. dactylon extract concentration.

Figure 5 . Light micrographs of spleen of . infected spleen shows loosely packed red and white pulp and collapsed MMC, which shows heavy infection. Arrows: melanomacrophage centres i.e., cluster of macrophage cells. RP : ; WP : ; MMC : ; BV : .

The present study was carried out to investigate whether the oral administration of ethanolic extract of plant C. dactylon mixed diet is capable of protecting C. catla against A. hydrophila . Therefore, the plant extract was used for oral administration with prepared diet in the laboratory and to challenge with A. hydrophila for studying the specific immunity on fish. In Indian major carp, outbreak of motile aeromonad septicemia due to the potential opportunistic pathogen A. hydrophila is an easily infectious bacterium, mostly when fishes are exposed to both physical and environmental stressors.

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Make It Routine

Test the waters. Start with one or two days per week. Knowing you have the other five mornings to snooze makes getting up early less painful. And to stay motivated, make sure you can get to bed on time the night before a crack-of-dawn call, or you risk skimping on sleep, Reichmann says.

Lay it out. Set out your clothes, shoes, water bottle , and reflective gear the night before to eliminate excuses and get out the door quickly. Set your coffeemaker on automatic so your brew is ready when you wake. And put your alarm across the room鈥攋umping out of bed to turn it off makes it harder to hit the snooze button, Reichmann says.

Lay it out.

Make a date. Nothing keeps you from going back to bed like knowing someone鈥檚 waiting for you. 鈥淕ood conversation with running friends almost makes you forget that you are running at zero dark thirty on a cold morning,鈥 says Julie Sapper, who coaches with Reichmann at Run Farther Faster in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Make a date.

Give it time. All habits feel awkward at first. Since it requires resetting your body clock, morning running may require a little longer than most鈥攁t least three or four weeks鈥攖o sink in. Consider trying this habit in the spring, when weather and darkness are less likely to interfere. (And morning runs aren鈥檛 right for everyone, so re-evaluate after a month or two, Sapper says.)

Give it time.
Peter Yang
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Building muscle improves your health, reduces injury risk, and, according to a review in the journal Sports Medicine, improves your running performance鈥攚hich is always motivating. Across 26 studies of endurance athletes, strength-training programs (either plyometrics or heavy weights) boosted fitness, increased efficiency, and reduced runners鈥 times in 3K and 5K races.

Design your own program by picking six exercises: two for each of your major muscle groups (upper body, core, and lower body), with one working the front side (say, planks) and one the back side (bridges), says Rebekah Mayer, national training manager at Minneapolis-based Life Time Run. Do them two or three days per week. And remember that intense strength-training DVDs or classes don鈥檛 always pair well with a running routine, says Sapper鈥攊f you do them, leave rest days between hard efforts. For an equipment-free at-home workout, see Discount Very Cheap Really Cheap Price Bon Bon ballerinas Free Shipping Store QE32R

Build it in. Runners that Reichmann and Sapper coach had an easier time staying motivated to incorporate strength moves when they penned them into their training plans. Now, their schedules might say: Run three miles, then do three sets of 15 one-legged squats, mountain climbers, planks, and push-ups. For best results, strength-train later in the same day as your more intense or longer running workouts, allowing a full day of recovery in between hard sessions, Mayer says.

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